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Headquartered in London with an office in New York, Glendower’s team includes over 85 professionals. It is led by a senior team who has worked together in secondaries since 2003. Glendower has an established track record, having closed over 180 transactions involving more than 1,500 fund interests since 2006.

Our values

Glendower is a client-focused firm striving to generate outstanding results for its investors. With one global and diverse team instilled with a shared sense of purpose, Glendower fosters an open, fair and collaborative work environment where all opinions are valued with the opportunity to influence the outcome. The firm's core is an analytical and disciplined approach to drive investment returns and a focus on what it knows well. Living the Glendower values aligns its interests with those of its investors to create a lasting impact across all stakeholders.


Glendower Capital was established in 2017 as a secondary private equity firm after its founding partners spun out the secondary business, which they founded in 2006 from Deutsche Asset Management. Glendower has raised funds with aggregate capital commitments of $12 billion, which includes three legacy secondary funds totalling $3.0 billion in aggregate capital commitments and two independent funds: Glendower Capital Secondary Opportunities Fund IV, which held its final close at $2.7 billion in aggregate capital commitments; and Glendower Capital Secondary Opportunities Fund V, which held its final close at $5.8 billion in aggregate capital commitments. Prior to raising these funds, senior team members worked together from 2003 to 2006 to restructure and wind down Deutsche Bank’s $6.0 billion proprietary balance sheet private equity portfolio.

Since January 2022, Glendower Capital is part of CVC Capital Partners having entered into a merger and strategic partnership to enhance our combined capabilities and accelerate the development of our platforms.

The team consists of over 90 professionals located in London and New York. Glendower has invested in 1,500 fund interests and more than 180 transactions across the SOF funds since inception.


Merger and strategic partnership with
CVC Capital Partners


SOF V - $5.8bn


SOF IV - $2.73bn

Transactions: 54
Funds: 518
Companies: 2,377


Glendower Capital


SOF III - $1.65bn

Transactions: 37
Funds: 173
Companies: 2,840


SOF II - $614mn

Transactions: 29
Funds: 75
Companies: 737


SOF D - $135mn

Transactions: 1
Funds: 28
Companies: 193


SOF - $565mn

Transactions: 29
Funds: 75
Companies: 737


DB Proprietary Portfolio Restructure - $6.0bn

Transactions: >150
Assets: >600


Glendower is committed to providing an environment that promotes diversity with equal opportunities for all its employees. The Glendower Capital team is composed of seasoned professionals representing more than 20 nationalities offering a diverse culture that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Glendower is continuously looking for candidates who are passionate about investing in private markets and share similar values with the Glendower team; integrity, accountability, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and excellence.